Surveys for Students

Students looking for a fun and easy way to earn extra spending money should look into completing online surveys for cash and rewards. Online surveys can be done at any time of day, anywhere there is an Internet connection.

There are many types of surveys for students available, on topics ranging from commercials and movie trailers to comparisons of popular foods and beverages. For each completed survey, rewards are given out and can be exchanged for cash, gift certificates and various prizes.


Filling out online surveys is not only easy, it’s also convenient. Surveys can be accessed from any computer that’s connected to the Internet, which is not necessarily the main computer a panelist uses. It could be a friend’s laptop, a smart phone or a computer at the library. All that the panelist has to do to access the survey is to log into their email account and click on the link in the survey invitation email.

Surveys for students can also be completed at any time, day or night. With all the activities, classes and studying that students are dealing with on a daily basis, having the flexibility to earn extra cash at a time that is convenient for them is a bonus. If they only have time between classes, or whether someone is a night owl or early bird doesn’t matter to the market research company. They are just interested in the results, whether they come through at two o’clock in the afternoon or two in the morning.


Each market research company offers its own choice of rewards for online surveys completed. In general, panelists are rewarded in points and which they can then exchange points for their preferred reward. Most survey panels have international branches, so issuing points rather than changing the value of surveys every day according to fluctuating exchange rates makes more sense.

The most popular rewards that the majority of survey companies use are cash payments through PayPal, gift cards to online stores such as Amazon and points exchanges, where survey points can be used to purchase online video game credits or deposited into other point programs, such as Airmiles.

There are usually ways to receive bonus points to help panelists earn rewards faster. For instance, panelists are usually issued “welcome” points for registering, and then given extra points for referring friends who successfully sign up. On the occasion that a panelists begins a survey and is then screened out, a consolation prize of bonus points is usually offered.

Personal Privacy

Unfortunately there are many stories today of online fraud and scams. While this may worry some people and make them think twice before wanting to provide personal details online, the fact is there are many legitimate survey companies with strict privacy policies and high security measures on their websites. There are also websites such as this one that research different survey companies and give recommendations on which are legitimate and offer the best rewards.

Generally, upon registration panelists are asked personal questions which help market researches determine which demographic they fall into, such as age, schooling, marital status, etc. Then during each survey more questions may be asked to ensure that the target group desired by the researchers is completing that particular survey.

All the responses from completed surveys are encrypted and sent combined as a whole from all the respondents, so no one will be able to determine which panelists answered individual questions. There are also industry watch-dogs who ensure that companies are complying with regulations, and legitimate companies will display these logos on their websites.

Get Started

To get started taking free online surveys, simply visit our surveys list page and become a free member of the survey panels listed. If you’re under 18 and would like to take take surveys, check out our teen surveys page.