Product Testing in Canada

Product testing is an extremely important part of the market research process because it gives companies feedback that comes directly from potential consumers. It’s a great way to take a product out of a lab environment and see how it functions under different conditions. The process often involves several methods that track the performance of a product and people living across Canada can become testers.

Tester Qualifications

Consumers that are interested in product testing are typically screened to ensure that the product is one that they qualify to test. The participant may also have to sign and return non-disclosure agreements before the product is shipped to their home. Individuals that qualify and complete the required documents will have the products sent to their homes, after which they will be asked to participate in surveys, online discussions, bulletin boards, etc. detailing their experiences with the product. In market research terms, these are typically referred to as ‘in-home usage tests’ (IHUT).

Product Testing Companies for Canadians

Product Report Card
Take part in product testing to share your thoughts on how products perform. Earn gift cards for your opinions.
Pinecone Research
Take fun product tests, earn cash rewards or gift cards for participating.
Ipsos i-Say Canada
Participate in product tests, earn PayPal cash, gift cards, and/or keep the product.
LEO (LegerOpinion)
Participate in at home product testing, earn cash, Air Miles, or Aeroplan points for participating.
Participate in product tests and earn cash paid by cheque.
Opinion Outpost
Keep the product from home product testing assignments, occasionally earn additional rewards.
Nielsen Homescan
Homescan offers its members the unique ability to scan their everyday purchases with a handheld scanner which is mailed to them to use. Although this is not a product testing opportunity, it is a unique way to get rewarded for simply shopping.

Testing And Collecting Results

The participant typically has the ability to use the product as a part of everyday life. The is often for specific time period. Most companies do internal stress testing. The product testing, on the other hand, deals with testing the product in a normal environment. This gives companies a greater perspective on how the product will function when it is used this way.

There may be times when a company may give a participant certain guidelines for using products. There may be certain conditions in which the product may or may not be used. These requirements are used sometimes to ensure that the product testing is performed accurately.

Market research companies may also require the participant to keep a journal. This helps the consumer keep accurate documentation of the product testing results. This is important because this helps the tester keep track of every detail.

Relaying Information

The length of time for the assignment all depends on the market research firm. It is the duty of the tester to keep track of the start and finish dates for testing. This is a crucial part of the process because market research firms work on deadlines. These firms often function as a bridge between the testers and the companies that sell or manufacture the product. The results must be obtained in a timely manner to meet the requirements of the assignment. Most firms have the similar policies on deadlines, but the way that the information is retrieved may vary.

There are times when the product testing may be discussed in a chat room that is opened by the market research group. The is often gives multiple testers the ability to communicate their findings all at once. This gives market research companies a instant view of the overall performance of the product from many different perspectives. This group discussion about the product can offer varying insights for the market research company on what consumers really think about the product.

Reward And Incentives

Some companies offer money for participation in a test, but most companies will typically offer the product as compensation. The testing participant may be given a new version of the product for their efforts. There are other times, however, when the tester will be allowed to keep the product that was being tested. Some companies may conduct testing and compensate the tester for their opinions on the product. Consumers that are interested in these opportunities are often inclined to add their names to more marketing research databases.

Frequency of Tests

In-home product testing opportunities arise less frequently than online surveys because clients of market research companies typically first conduct surveys with images and descriptions of new/modified products. By gathering feedback through this methodology first, they then move onto the product testing phase, which include fewer participants than the original survey. Those wishing to become a tester are advised to remain an active member of a survey panel, as this increases the likelihood of being selected to participate in a future assignment.


  • I would be interested in participating in product testing from a reputable company.

    • Hi Linda,

      You can register as a member with Toluna Canada as well as Opinion Outpost and they may contact you for product testing opportunities.

      We are not a market research company ourselves and instead, are a directory of online market research companies for Canada, so we unfortunately do not offer any product testing.