Bilingual? Let Survey Companies Know!

As a survey taker, your primary goal is probably to complete as many surveys as possible so you can collect lots of rewards. One way to see an increase of invitations is to make sure you’ve fully completed your personal profile when first registering, and then updating it throughout the year if your circumstances change.

Did you know that some companies send out surveys in different languages? If you’re fluent in a second (or third!) language, be sure to include this information in your profile. This can have a big impact on the number of quality surveys you receive.

Just How Fluent Do you Have to Be?

Every market research company has different qualifications for how fluent you need to be, but for the most part as long as you can hold a decent conversation in a second language you can probably complete a survey too.

Think about the types of surveys you usually answer – would you be able to understand the questions in another language? Remember that some surveys are simple and include pictures while others are text-heavy, so it will be important to try a few different companies out to find which offers surveys at your language level. Some surveys require you to type out answers to questions too or have you watch a video, so it may be important for you to read, understand AND write in your second language.

Surveys for Different Ethnic Backgrounds

There are also companies looking for English speakers who are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. For example, if you’re Hispanic but don’t speak Spanish there may still be extra surveys available to you. Researchers are often looking for feedback on new products that are targeted towards specific cultures or demographics, which is where you and your heritage come in.

Some websites will send you surveys in both English and your second language, so again it’s good to sign up with a few different websites to find the ones that work best for you.

Benefits of Taking Additional Surveys in Other Languages

The more survey companies you sign up with, the more surveys you are likely to receive. But the benefit of being bilingual could include receiving the exact same survey invitation in English and your second language, and then having the opportunity to choose to complete the higher paying survey to earn higher rewards. Sometimes manufacturers are looking for a specific type of household and will offer bigger incentives to someone who fits their target market. You may also have the option of doing the survey twice, once in English and once in your other language. This will help you load up on twice the points of course!

Depending where you live and the languages you speak, you can increase the amount of surveys you receive by letting your survey company know about any additional languages you are fluent in. Be sure to always give as much information about yourself to each panel as you sign up, and you will be rewarded with more surveys and of course more points and prizes.

Speak French?

If you speak French, check out our sister website,, which will connect you with online survey sites who offer surveys to Canadians in French.