How to Earn Survey Signup Bonuses in Canada

If you’re new to survey taking, or are looking for new survey panels to join, it’s always nice when you can get a signup bonus to help kick start your earnings.

Some survey panels offer pretty generous rewards to new members, making it easier to get your first PayPal payment, gift card, cheque, etc.

Below is a list of survey panels who offer joining bonus, or ‘signup bonus’ to new members of their Canadian survey site. To get the bonus, all you need to do is register as a member; simply click the ‘join now’ button, fill in the signup form, and check your email to confirm your membership to the panel – it’s as simple as that, and naturally, the process is completely free.

Legitimate survey sites that offer signup bonuses to Canadians include:

New members who provide their shipping information for rewards and who fill out the short profiler receive 250 free points.
Canview Connect
Join and complete the profile surveys to receive 200 points ($2) credited to your account.
Univox Community
New members receive a $2.00 sign up bonus account credit.
Branded Surveys
New members who complete the profile survey will instantly receive 100 points (worth $1).
Toluna Canada
New members will receive a 500 point credit added to their account.
New members will have $1.00 added to their accounts.
Loop Surveys
Get $2.00 added to your account, immediately after joining

Although not all survey panels offer sign up bonuses, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join the ones who don’t. Panels may have their own reasons for not offering these initial signup credits, such as already have pretty low minimum reward redemption levels, or being high in demand among panelists.

Remember, it’s always up to you to decide how many panels are worth your time joining and which are worth taking surveys for; sometimes trial and error is the best way to get a feel for what programs are most successful for you.