Paid Medical Surveys Canada

Physicians, healthcare professionals and other medical practitioners are eligible to participate in special medical surveys which are much more lucrative than regular online surveys. Survey discussing new medications, treatments, medical equipment, and the pharmaceutical industry are common topics in medical market research.

As the field of medicine consists of highly skilled individuals who are difficult to target, surveys intended for the group tend to be more interesting, lucrative, and refined than regular consumer studies.

Why medical surveys pay so well

Physicians are a difficult group to target; not only do they make up less than 1% of the population, they are highly educated, and are selective about how they spend what little time they have. When a market research company is hired to conduct a study for doctors, they know it will be a difficult task to recruit participants for the study.

Offering generous compensation is one way to get the attention of physicians (or anyone for that matter!), and has proven to be effective way to convince doctors to spend a few minutes answering questions. Surveys for physicians can pay anywhere from $100-$1500 per study, depending on the length, complexity, and who is eligible to participate.

The more specific the group the study is aimed at (especially sub-specialists and those with years of experience), the better it will tend to pay.

Nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare workers are also eligible to take medical surveys. Although they may not be as well compensated as compared to specialists, by participating in this special type of research, you can still earn much more than what you would make for taking traditional surveys.

What’s required to start


The main thing you will be asked to do before being able to participate, is to verify that you indeed are a medical professional.

If you’re an MD in Canada, you will be asked to provide your license number. Most physicians provide their provincial college number which the market research company can look up and match to your full name (a requirement for issuing payment).

If you’re a resident doctor, you may still be eligible to participate with most survey programs, as you will have a college number. If you’re still a medical student, you can still sign up to take medical surveys, though you might need to first pass your college exams until you the best-paying studies are sent your way!

Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists, and other Medical Professionals

Whether you’re a nurse, pharmacist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, etc. you will have a registration number with your governing college, which you may need to provide a medical market research company before being eligible to take their surveys. Although this isn’t always a requirement, as it’s a way to verify your identity and validate that you are a medical practitioner, it’s common practice that market research companies ask for this bit of information.

Why Participate

Besides earning generous compensation, by sharing your specialist knowledge, you can really help to improve patient care, treatment, and innovation in medicine.

You can participate in surveys at your own pace and in your spare time. There is no obligation to do so, as it’s completely voluntary; take the surveys you’re interested in, and only when you want to.

Who Offers Medical Surveys?