5 Places to Earn Gift Cards for Surveys

Canadian consumers who register with survey companies to fill out questionnaires online are often given the option to earn free gift cards. Businesses and various other agencies need to determine the public’s opinions on their products and services so by offering rewards such as gift cards for surveys, they are able to appeal to a wider demographic to complete their questionnaires.

Similar to cash surveys, points are typically collected and accumulated by completing studies. Each survey company has their own point system, which sets a minimum amount of points needed for redemption. Panelists are sent surveys on a variety of topics depending on information provided at registration and each completed survey is worth a predetermined amount of points, which is stated along side the survey invitation.

Who is Eligible to Receive Free Gift Cards

Anyone who is a member of a survey panel that offers gift card rewards will be able to choose to receive one as payment for completing online questionnaires. Survey companies clearly state eligibility rules on their websites to ensure local laws are adhered to. For instance, the panelist must have reached the age of majority or in some instances, have parental consent.

Market research companies benefit from opinions from a wide expanse of the population and are therefore looking for consumers from all walks of life. Online survey panels are completed across the globe and therefore a points system with an option to redeem for free gift cards ensures all panelists receive equal benefits for the time they have invested in completing various surveys.

Types of Gift Cards Offered

Survey companies offer consumers a variety of free gift cards to choose from. This ensures that the survey panel members receive rewards suitable to them and therefore promotes participation in more surveys.

Rewards can vary between companies so consumers are advised to investigate a number of different sites to determine which has rewards that appeal to them. Some gift cards for surveys that are often available include American Express gift cards, Amazon, and to music downloads like iTunes, just to name a few.

How Free Gift Cards are Issued

After choosing a gift card and redeeming the corresponding number of points on the survey website, consumers are issued their prize. Gift cards for surveys are occasionally shipped through the regular mail although most are now sent via email to use at online stores. The benefit of online redemption is that the consumer receives the reward sooner than waiting for the gift card to be processed and then sent through the mail service, so this is becoming the preferred method of free gift card redemption.

The following survey sites offer a selection of gift cards:

With just $15 worth of points, request a e-gift card to Amazon. Loblaws, Winners, Subway, Petro Canada, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, gift cards also available.
Branded Surveys
With just $5 in your account, you can request an Amazon e-gift card. $1.00 joining bonus offered to new members
Ipsos Canada
Gift cards available from Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, and many more, in addition to cash reward options.
Redeem your LifePoints for $10 gift cards to retailers including Amazon, and more.
Maru Voice Canada
Get gift cards from a variety of retailers including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, pre-paid Visa cards, and more.
Web Perspectives
With 1,000 points get a $10 gift card to Indigo, Amazon, Cineplex, Golf Town and more.
Toluna Canada
With $10 worth of points, request Starbucks, iTunes, Best Buy, Sephora, Lowe’s, Whole Foods, Walmart, etc. gift certificates Amazon also available.