Mystery Shopping in Canada

A lot of consumers interested in taking online surveys are also interested in Mystery Shopping.

The Basics

If you’re not familiar with the concept, basically mystery shopping is when people pose as ordinary consumers in a retail outlet or other business location, to gather information about a business or employee. The information they collect is then passed onto a market research company who aggregates the data from multiple mystery shoppers, and passes this information onto a client. The mystery shopper is typically paid to visit multiple store locations and is given an assignment to do in the store.

Example of an Assignment

An example assignment would be that you would be sent to your local Safeway, you would ask for help from an employee, find products and purchase them, and evaluate the customer service you experienced along the way. You would note all of this in a report or questionnaire that you would send to the market research firm who hired you for the assignment.

There are a lot of mystery shopping scams out there, perhaps even more so than online surveys. To find legitimate contract work as a mystery shopper is difficult. However, here is a list of websites we have found to be legitimate sources of mystery shopping work in Canada.

This page is for information purposes only – we do not recommend one company over another. This information illustrates that although there are many mystery shopping scam websites out there, there are also actual legitimate research companies who DO infact conduct mystery shopping. There’s never anything to pay and the market research these companies conduct is taken very seriously.

Mystery Shopping Companies in Canada

LEO (Leger Opinion)
LEO offers their members a variety of ways to participate in their program, including occasional mystery shopping assignments. LEO also offers online surveys, focus groups, taste testing, and at home product testing opportunities to their members.

The following is an additional list of mystery shopping companies where you can apply for free to become one of their mystery shoppers. These are actual market research companies, and not links to lists you have to pay for.

Frontline Shoppers


Intouch Insight


Shoppers Confidential

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