Online Survey Tips and Suggestions

  1. Register with all of the survey panels listed on our website. Remember, the more panels you register with, the more online survey invitations you will receive, the more money you can potentially make.
  1. Confirm your registration. Oftentimes, after you register with a panel, you will receive an e-mail which asks you to click on a link to confirm your registration. Make sure you do this so that you are a verified member of the panel.
  1. Fill out profilers. Some survey companies have profiles which they ask you to complete, optionally. If you take a bit of time initially to complete these, you often better your chances of being selected for surveys. For example, if you complete a profile regarding your household members and you state that you have children, if an online survey becomes available regarding children, you will more likely be contacted than someone who did not complete the same profile.
  1. Be honest when answering surveys. If you breeze through your answers, expect to receive fewer and fewer survey invitations. There is always quality control when taking surveys. Give good answers, and you will remain within good standing with the panel. Give poor answers, you might eventually be removed as a panelist.
  1. Check your e-mail often. Online survey usually have a short life-expectancy. Rarely is a survey that was sent out on Monday available for answering on Friday. Once the quota has been filled for the survey, the survey company closes the study and it is no longer available.
  1. Don’t use the forward and back buttons on your browser. When taking a survey, use the arrows on the top or bottom of the screen to navigate forward and backwards. This ensures that your session stays active and that you do not navigate outside of survey location.
  1. Have fun! Online surveys are a great way to voice your opinions while making a difference, all the while collecting nice rewards to do so!