Surveys for Canadian Moms

Being a stay-at-home Mom can be a satisfying and rewarding job, but unfortunately it doesn’t pay. For those who are looking to make a little extra spending cash from home, online surveys are a great choice. They are easy to complete and can be done any time day or night, whenever a few spare minutes come up. Surveys are generally quite short as well and can be completed in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Getting Started

All that anyone needs to get started is a computer, Internet connection and a personal email address. The next step is to choose which panel to join. There are many market research companies that offer online survey taking, product testing and focus groups. Use common sense when choosing which company to join, those that promise huge rewards are probably not legitimate. A list of reputable survey companies can be found on this website if some examples are needed.

Signing up is simple – each survey panel usually has a link on their homepage that directs potential survey takers to the registration page. Some personal information is required to ensure the companies receive a wide variety of respondents, and then a confirmation email is sent to the email address the new panelist has provided. Here you can find a list of Canadian Paid Surveys.

Reward Types

There are more criteria to consider when choosing which panel to join. For instance, how long will it take to earn rewards? And what kinds of rewards do they offer?

Most companies offer a selection of rewards including cash, gift vouchers and sweepstakes entries. Those offering cash rewards usually require the panelist to be in possession of a PayPal account, so setting one up before registering with each company is a smart step. Gift certificates and vouchers are either sent in the mail or electronically to use at online stores, and some companies also offer the opportunity to purchase travel points such as Airmiles.

How it Works

After signing up with an online market research company, surveys will be sent out to the email address provided by the individual. What determines who gets each survey is the demographic information provided when registering, such as age, gender, marital status, etc. This helps ensure that relevant surveys get distributed to each respondent.

Surveys for moms generally take between 5-15 minutes each to complete, so can be done during naptime or while the children are watching their favourite tv show. Once the survey is completed, reward points are deposited into the panelist’s account and can then be exchanged for cash and prizes when reward levels are reached.

Online Privacy and Protection

With all the news today about keeping safe online, it’s not surprising to find people concerned about giving out personal information on survey sites. Panelist will be relieved to hear that many policies are in place to protect them every step of the way.

First of all, each panelist is given their own account and password on the panel site so that they are the only ones able to access their profile and rewards pages. Reputable survey companies explain the security technology they use and what they do with personal information on a Privacy Policy page on their website.

Once each survey has been completed and submitted, the survey company combines all the responses together before sending them off so that answers cannot be traced back to the individual respondent. The information is also sent in an encrypted format, so anyone attempting to steal this data would not be able to decipher it.

Companies care about everyone’s privacy and want to maintain a long and productive relationship with their panelists. With assurances like this, it makes sense to makes some extra money by taking online surveys.