Online Surveys to Help Pay off Debt

Unfortunately, dealing with debt is a common theme these days, but that still doesn’t make it any easier. People are already working hard to pay it off, sometimes by working more than one job, and they are looking for more ways to bring their expense down and increase their income. Online surveys can help with your debt by rewarding panelists with some extra cash just for taking time to fill out a few surveys.


Filling out online surveys only takes a few minutes, and panelists can choose when they would like to complete them. Some may choose to take a survey over their morning coffee, while others wait until evening and fill them out in commercial breaks during their favourite television shows. Those with smart phones may choose to fill them out while riding the bus or standing in line at the grocery store, as the surveys can be completed anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Panelists can also choose how many surveys they would like to complete. There is no limit to the number of online survey companies one can join, so for those who enjoy sharing their opinions and earning rewards for it this can offer a few hours each week. Others who don’t have as much time but would still like to make a little extra cash may choose to only sign up with one or two companies and fill out surveys a few times each month.

Cash and Prizes

Each time a survey is completed and submitted, points are awarded to the panelists and deposited into their personal account. This account is available on the survey website and accessed only by the survey taker through a secure username and password. This way they can watch their balance grow and decide when they would like to exchange their points for cash or prizes.

For those taking online surveys to help with their debt, cash is the preferred reward. This is usually paid out via PayPal or cheque. Once chosen, the cash is delivered via postal mail or email and can then be used to pay down anything from credit card debt to student loans.

Some people have been putting away every extra penny to pay down their debt and would like to buy something they need but don’t have the cash. Instead of using all their points for debt repayment, some panelists may choose to redeem for a gift certificate. Each survey company offers a variety of options, for instance a student could find a book they need through Amazon and earn enough points to pay for it through survey rewards.

Earning Points

Most online survey companies will offer a variety of ways for panelists to earn extra points, and therefore get rewarded faster. Most award a number of points upon registration, and then offer bonus points for referring friends who also sign up. Some give small amounts of points or sweepstakes entries for filling out quick profile polls which in turn helps them to determine which polls should be sent to each potential survey taker.

Be sure to visit the webpage of each survey company joined from time to time to look for special offers and other options of earning rewards, such as focus groups or product testing at home. Also check the email address provided upon registration regularly in order to keep from missing out on available surveys. Sometimes a survey reaches the desired number of respondents quickly and may be closed by the time a panelists decides to fill it out.