Survey Tools

Individuals or companies that need feedback and opinions from consumers can create their own online surveys easily and at a low cost thanks to a variety of survey tools available on the web.

There are many reasons that someone may need to poll members of the public by creating their own online survey. Hiring a marketing company when all they need is a few questions answered might have kept them from gathering the information in the past, but with the ability to make their own surveys utilizing online tools, anyone can post surveys and get the feedback they desire.

Survey Making Made Easy

Online surveys are a great method for collecting feedback easily and quickly. Now with helpful survey tools that guide users step by step through the process, almost anyone can create one on their own. One such website is Toluna QuickSurveys, who use a survey wizard to help the public make their surveys. All anyone needs to start is a computer, Internet connection and of course a list of questions they would like to have answered.

Using Toluna QuickSurveys as an example, users are asked to name their survey and then place it in a category so potential panelists can find it easily. There is also an option here to tag the survey with key words so that it will receive more hits. Then the creator of the survey chooses who they would like to respond and selects options such as which demographics they are looking for, the target country and number of respondents they would like before closing the survey. This last step is for those who would like to use Toluna’s database of panelists, however there is an option to simply make a survey and send it to a private list of email addresses. There is also a space to add video or pictures, and then of course the questions themselves. That’s all there is to it!

Is it Expensive?

Online survey tools are far more cost-effective than hiring a research company, and results can come back as quickly as within 24 hours. Using Toluna QuickSurveys again as an example, there are a variety of pricing options. Those who have a list of their own respondents can make a survey free of charge. However, if users are looking for a large pool of panelists they can pay a fee and make use of the over 4 million members in countries around the world that have signed up to take surveys through Toluna. In this case the person designing the survey would be billed depending on the number of questions in the survey, how many respondents they would like to poll and what targeting parameters they would like to set.

Users of these tools can pay a one-time use fee, or if they are planning to create surveys on a regular basis there are monthly options available. Why pay more to hire someone to gather research when anyone can make use of online survey tools and do it for themselves?