Focus Groups in Canada

Participate in a Focus Group Near You

If you are interested in participating in legitimate focus group opportunities in Canada, here you will find a free list of studies that you may apply for. If you’re unsure of what a focus group is and how they work, take a look at how focus groups focus trends.

Focus Groups are typically held in major Canadian city centres including: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and occasionally in cities including Winnipeg, Regina, Halifax and Victoria.

The following survey companies offer focus groups in person:

LEO (Leger Opinion)
Participate in online focus groups, and in person-focus groups for cash.
Harris Poll Online
Opportunities to participate in focus groups (chatroom style or bulletin board style), and in-person focus groups.

In-person focus groups consist of meeting at a specific time and location (usually a market research company’s office or rented office space). Other consumers who are selected will also be there. You will then take part in a 60-120 minute long session about a specific subject matter. There may be short activities such as brainstorming, drawing, etc. which will be facilitated by a group moderator. Once the session is complete, participants will typically be handed an envelope with their cash.

The following survey companies offer focus groups online to Canadians:

Ipsos i-Say
Participate in online focus groups for cash paid by PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and dozens of other reward options.
Survey Junkie
Earn cash for surveys and focus group participation. Get paid with just $5 in your account.

If selected, you will be asked to meet in a chatroom where you will typically use a webcam or headset to partake in a discussion. The format can vary, however the focus group may mimic an online chat or a conference call. Sometimes other participants can be seen and heard, and at other times, you will only communicate with the moderator. Once completed, your account with the online survey panel will be credited the amount that was initially offered for participating.

As paid focus groups offer compensation that is quite a bit higher than online surveys, even participating in one or two per month can make a big difference in your online income.