Why Not All Survey Companies are BBB Approved

Taking online surveys is a great way to have fun and earn cash, but it makes sense to check into a survey company’s reputation before getting too involved. When this happens, some people discover that many of survey companies do not come with the approval of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This may seem disturbing at first, but upon careful examination, most people will understand that there are understandable, legitimate reasons why not all survey companies are BBB approved.

An Overview of the BBB

With roots in the early 1900’s the Better Business Bureau is an organization that was formed to help ensure a fair, trusting commerce environment. The company has many autonomous regions that operate under the guidelines of the parent organization.

As commerce moved online, the BBB expanded its reach to the Internet, devising an accreditation that would help it remain relevant in the digital age.

The Role of the BBB

Consumers often regard the BBB as an avenue to file a complaint against a business if there is a dispute that cannot be resolved, but the BBB does not have authority to compel any of its member companies to act.

Many businesses desire to participate in the BBB because of its widespread recognition as an organization that supports good business practices. Becoming a BBB-accredited company is a good thing, but it is a very expensive process, meaning that it is not a good fit with many business models, including those of some survey companies.

Cost is a Factor in Why Businesses Avoid the BBB

Although it is in the financial interests of the BBB to promote its accreditation, legitimate companies often do not have it because they do not want to incur the exorbitant fees that are associated with the process.

Customer Service

Companies that pay for BBB accreditation often pass the cost of the process onto their customers, making it more difficult for them to compete. Therefore a company without BBB accreditation may actually be acting in the interests of customers by maximizing their value to them. Accreditation typically runs in the thousands of dollars, so one can quickly see how becoming a member is a big financial decision for many companies, especially smaller ones.

Survey Companies

Although many survey companies may think that BBB accreditation is a good thing, many choose to pass on the money they save by not becoming a member, by awarding it to their members, the people who complete the online surveys on their site. They still can provide outstanding customer service and will help resolve any questions that arise through a specific customer service email or sometimes even a sophisticated online customer service ticketing system.

The fact that a company is not listed with the BBB does not mean that they are illegitimate: instead it could mean that they have different priorities. Although valuable, if a survey company is not a member of the BBB, read their privacy policy and do a little digging for parent company information before joining. Prospective consumers may find that companies not registered with the BBB are just as legitimate as the ones who are.

Survey Companies Approved by the BBB

The following companies have their BBBOnLine Reliability Participation confirmed:

The following survey sites have excellent BBB ratings:

Pinecone Research
Swagbucks Canada
Survey Junkie
Toluna Canada
Web Perspectives
Branded Surveys