Taste Testing

If you like taking online surveys, you may also enjoy doing taste tests for market research companies. Similar to online surveys, corporations hire market research companies to ask users what they think of a certain product, or in the case of taste testing, they ask them to sample it.

You can participate in taste testing in every major metropolitan area in Canada, and some rural and smaller cities as well. You need to register as a taste tester with a market research company who conducts taste tests, and you will be placed in a database with other testers. When a study is available for completion, you may receive a phone call or an email asking you to answer a few basic questions. This is called a screener.

A screener is conducted so that the market research company makes sure you qualify for the taste testing. For example, someone with a peanut allergy will not be selected to complete a taste testing on peanut butter, and a senior would likely not be selected to take a taste test for a new energy drink.

Once you complete the taste test at a specific location and time, you will then typically be rewarded on the spot with an envelope of cash. Compensation varies, but typical rates are around $15 for 30 minutes.

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