Nielsen Homescan Canada

Have you ever considered that by simply scanning your household purchases with a handheld scanner, you could earn great products and merchandise? If this sounds like something that you would be interested in participating in, you may wish to check out Nielsen Homescan Canada.

Although the Nielsen Homescan program is not an online survey panel, the Nielsen Company is still a major player in the market research industry. In fact, you may have heard them quoted in the media when they conduct a poll or survey and the results are then reprinted in major newspapers across the country.

Participants of the Nielsen Homescan program each receive a handheld scanner which they then use to scan the barcodes on their purchases. The data is then aggregated with other members and is transmitted anonymously to Nielsen. Members are then rewarded for their participation by being able to select merchandise from product catalogues which is sent to them for free!

Learn more about Nielsen Homescan or join the Nielsen Homescan program here.

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