Survey Takers in Demand

Wanted: Your Opinions

canadian girlWith summertime just around the corner, Canadians everywhere are digging up sunscreen and beach towels, ready to catch some rays. In Ontario it seems like summer has already arrived, so who’s thinking about online survey taking anyway?

We here at CanadianPaidSurveys have been getting numerous inquiries lately from market research companies looking for more people to join their survey panels. Even with hot weather just around the corner and “sorry but I’m on vacation” e-mail responders to half the people you email these days, survey companies are in extra need of panelists right now.

With great veteran companies like Hotspex, Angus Reid, and Ipsos and new ones like Tellwut, there’s never been a better time to be a survey taker – your opinions are in demand!

How many panels do I really need to join?

This is a common question we get and the answer is, as many as you can handle; the more survey companies you sign up with, the more online survey invitations you should receive. So if you’re looking to earn more rewards and have some extra time on your hands, join a couple dozen panels. If you’re short on time but still like voicing your opinions, start off with four or five.

The problem many people experience is that they have great hopes when signing up with even just one or two panels and then quickly get frustrated when they don’t receive any emails inviting them to participate in studies. What you must keep in mind is that survey companies are not always looking for people from your particular demographic to take their surveys – it’s only when they have a study available for you to take will they contact you. If their clients are looking for males from the Yukon and you’re a female from Alberta, you won’t be invited to participate in that particular survey.

It’s better then, to simply sign up with more panels so that you’ll get more email invitations. If you constantly want to have something to do, there’s no harm in becoming a member of more panels than you can handle, and simply not answering all the surveys – you can always pick and choose which ones to complete based on which offer the best rewards, are of most interest to you, etc.

Remember – there is NO maximum number of companies you are allowed to register with.

I’m picky, and I just want cash!

Some survey takers only want to take surveys for cash, which is completely understandable. These days the economy is tough and even though things like gift cards are nice, cash is always king.

Depending on your preference, some companies pay their members via cheque and others via PayPal. Canadian panels that pay cash include: Ipsos, Hotspex, Angus Reid Forum, My Survey, and more.

Take Surveys on the Go

Even if you’ve gone camping in the Rockies, as long as you have an internet connection, you can still make money and earn rewards by participating in online surveys. It doesn’t matter where you are in Canada – if you haven’t left the country, the link to studies in the emails you receive should still work, and you should be able to complete surveys no matter where you are located in our beautiful country.

That’s the beauty of being a survey taker – set your own hours, set your own location, and your earning and rewards potential is up to you!

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