Cell Phone Surveys

The New Trend in Market Research

cell phoneOne reason people may have for not joining a survey panel is that they do not have enough time at the end of the day to complete online surveys. By contrast, taking surveys with their smartphones allow panelists to complete their surveys any place at any time, whether waiting at the doctor’s office or riding the bus to work.

Win-Win Situation

Businesses can greatly benefit from conducting cell phone surveys. They typically receive a higher response rate when conducting these types of studies as well as getting faster response times. Surveys can be short enough to do by text, or can be full-length and complete with graphics displayable on a smart hone. Touch screens make taking surveys by cell phone simple and efficient, and with most device users having texts and browsing as part of their cell phone plans, there is generally no added cost to the survey taker.

How Mobile Phone Surveys Work

This can vary, mostly depending on the type of phone a panelist has. Surveys can be sent via SMS or text, or regular online surveys can be conducted using a web browser installed on the user’s phone.

A panelist may be asked for their cell phone number when registering with a survey company. Further details such as what type of cell phone they possess will most likely also be required. This way the company knows what kind of survey to send each panelist based on their phone make and model.

For those with smartphones enabled with a touch screen and web browser, regular surveys can be taken on a cell phone as well. An email notification will be sent as usual. Then when the panelist follows the link from their phone, and a page optimized for cell phones will open and the survey can be completed as usual. Typically the survey e-mail invitation will state if this is possible or not, as some phone browsers do not support regular online survey taking as some do not render javascript correctly, etc.

Picture surveys require a panelist to have a camera built into their phone. In these surveys, the researchers usually ask the respondent to take a picture of a certain location or product they are using and send the picture back via text. This allows market researchers the unique opportunity to collect information from literally the viewpoint of the panelist.

Why Participate?

There are definite benefits to both the panelist and the businesses conducting research to use cell phone surveys.

For the panelist, they are notified immediately about the study and have a reduced chance of getting screened out as opposed to if they waited to check their email at a later time. This means more completed surveys and therefore more rewards. Getting paid while waiting for a friend who is running late by completing a quick survey on a phone is pretty neat!

For the company conducting the research, they find that the response rate they receive are higher than they get for traditional surveys. They also collect the information they are seeking faster and are able to move ahead with the results they receive at a quicker pace.

It will not be surprising to see more and more surveys being offered to panelists to be completed via cell phone. As just about every adult in Canada (and child too!) it seems now has a celluar device, or access to one, and people spend less time in one place, it makes sense that survey companies will keep up with the latest trends in technology to provide the best service to their clients and panelists alike.

Who Offers Mobile Surveys?

The following market research companies offer panels in Canada who offer their members the opportunity to participate in research via mobile device. Registration is always free.

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