Logging in to CanadianPaidSurveys

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We get contacted quite frequently about how to log in to CanadianPaidSurveys.com.

The answer? You can’t!

CanadianPaidSurveys does not accept member registrations, therefore if you’re looking for a place to log in, you’re thinking of the wrong website!

How things can get a bit murky
What we do provide is a directory of online surveys websites. When you click the “join now” button anywhere on our site, you will be redirected to an online survey panel’s website. This could be where the confusion lies…

If you fill in your information, and register with a survey panel, remember that it is the survey panel whom you have registered with, not us! So if you want to log in to your account, you need to log in to the website that you’ve registered with, and not our site!

What it is that we do
CanadianPaidSurveys exists to match survey takers with legitimate survey panels. With so many scams out there, we do the work for you, and summarize which survey panels are eligible for Canadians to join, along with listing their respective rewards. But we do not offer any surveys taking opportunities ourselves!

Speaking of which, if you’d like to access our full directory of survey panels, check out our surveys list for the Top Surveys in Canada.

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