Participating in a Focus Group

Ever wanted to be part of a focus group but not sure how they work or where to start? We’ve written a helpful information article to guide you through the process.

Basically focus groups are held by market research companies on the request of an organization to get some direct feedback on a product, service, branding, or advertising. A group of panelists are selected to meet a specific location where they are asked questions and may be asked to perform tasks such as brainstorming in order to provide valuable feedback to the organization who hired the market research company to conduct the research.

Focus group participation is typically paid quite well – usually around $75 for between one or two hours of time, as the panelist much go to a specific location to meet. Some focus groups can also be conducted online in a chatroom setting. There are a few companies in Canada who offer this option.

Find out who they are and to learn more about focus groups.

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