Focus Group Triggers Ethnicity Change in $100 Bills

Focus Group Creates Controversy for Bank of Canada

bank of canadaResults from a series of focus groups in major Canadian cities triggered the recent decision by the Bank of Canada to scrap the image of an Asian-looking woman on the new polymer $100 bills. The woman is said to appear to be peering into a microscope next to a bottle of insulin.

After results from those polled raised questions about the woman’s ethnicity with regards to the specific context of science, the Bank of Canada responded by “neutralizing” the image of the woman, who now appears to be Caucasian on the new bills.

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Your Thoughts?

What do you think of the B of C’s decision? Were the notes racially stereotypical to begin with, or an honest attempt at multiculturalism? How do you feel about the image of the woman being changed to Caucasian?

Frederick Banting and Charles Best (two Caucasian men) first discovered insulin. Should their pictures be displayed next to the insulin bottle instead?

Participate in a Focus Group

While most focus groups don’t typically garner such buzzworthy results, the power of their results is undeniable. You too can participate in a focus group by checking out the openings near you.

If nothing is available in your area, try joining VIP Voice and Brand Institute who periodically hold focus groups online. They are both free to join.

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