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  • Get paid cash to your PayPal with just $4 worth of points
  • Take surveys on your computer or phone; download the Viewfruit app for a 100 point bonus!
  • Get to know your fellow survey takers through V-chat



Panel Eligibility: Canadian residents 16+

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Payment Information

Take online surveys on your computer, or download the Viewfruit app and take surveys on your phone to earn cash in exchange for your opinions. Surveys are typically about products and services you use every day, and award 100-5,000 points per completion.

paypal Get paid to your PayPal account
Once you’ve earned 2,000 points (through surveys, bonuses, referrals, etc.), you can exchange your points for a $4.00 PayPal payment. Payments are made in a timely manner; payment requests are processed every Friday, and should be received within 5 business days.

referralsRefer your friends to earn extra account bonuses
Refer your friends to Viewfruit Canada and they will be added to your ‘Survey Team’, and you will earn 10% of their survey earnings. For instance, if your friend completes a 500 point survey, you will receive a 50 point credit to your account.

pollMake friends through chat, and take fun polls!
Viewfruit really is a community where you’ll see fellow survey takers chatting on the V-Chat window. Here, you can get to know the community, and you can chat about whatever you want! On the V-Vote portion of the website, you can create your own fun polls to see what the Viewfruit community thinks about any given topic.

Download the Viewfruit app to get free points
If you prefer to take most surveys on your phone, downloading the Viewfruit mobile app is the way to go. You’ll be instantly notified when a survey becomes available, and you’ll receive a 100 point bonus, just for downloading it! Available on Google Play and iTunes.

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tipHelpful Tip! Whitelist so you can be sure you receive all survey invitations from Viewfruit!

Panel Information

Joining Viewfruit is straightforward. Using your email and some basic information, you can get started in the community. Ensure you confirm your registration so as to minimize any problems joining the community. If you download the app, you’ll receive surveys sent directly to your phone. Otherwise, check your email for online survey invitations.

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