Winning With Online Surveys

Winning With Online Surveys


Charlie Sheen, formally of Two-and-a-Half Men managed to be “winning” by managing to be paid millions to be on a sitcom that was essentially the same as his life. Across the country, millions of consumers are also “winning” by being paid to fill out surveys about the products that they already buy and enjoy consuming.

Many of consumers are even sent their favorite products, free of charge, right to their homes, in exchange for their willingness to spend just a few minutes filling out an online survey answering a few questions about themselves and what they like and do not like about the products. This is referred to as “product testing“.

To win at taking online surveys, consumers should be sure that they are signing up only with legitimate survey providers. While the internet has provided many legitimate venues for making money from home, there are many unethical websites that pose as online survey providers in an effort to steal consumers’ identifying information. Once consumers have confirmed that the online survey provider is legitimate, they should then follow the steps indicated by the survey company to become a member. These include proper registration, providing the proper profile information and being honest when filling out each and every survey. After all, the survey company is aggregating data about a product or series of products, and that data is worthless if it is not based upon truthful responses.

Consumers interested in earning money from taking online surveys can maximize their income by taking as many online surveys as possible. Each survey will provide the survey taker with a set reward, such as a gift card or amount of cash. Online survey takers who have proven themselves to be available to take a large volume of surveys, and who also provide detailed responses to open ended questions, are especially valuable to online survey provider companies.

Online survey companies aggregate demographic information and specific product data for companies, which means that more information is always better. As a result, a consumer who is particularly valued will be targeted with more opportunities to take online surveys. He or she may even be able to take advantage of special offers to receive free goods and services in exchange for his or her willingness to respond to surveys on those goods and services.

For example, a consumer who has answered an online survey on her own skincare habits, her children’s skincare habits and several online surveys on different lotions, body washes and other skincare products may be targeted with the opportunity to receive free skincare products in exchange for her response to an online survey on those products. Typically, although she has received the free item, the consumer is still paid or rewarded for her response to the survey, so that her response is not skewed.

If you’re new to online surveys and would like to get started, see here for a complete list of legitimate survey companies in Canada.

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