Organize Your Online Surveys and Earn More

Get organized


Why Get Organized

Keeping your survey invitations emails organized can help you earn rewards faster since you’re less likely to miss out on completing your surveys. When you receive an email notification for a new survey, it’s easy to think you’ll just go back to your invitation at a later time. But with all the emails people receive each day you can find that by the time you return to your survey notification that the deadline has passed or the survey is now full.

There are a few different ways to organize your survey emails so you don’t end up missing out on any or losing your invitations somewhere in your email program’s inbox.

Email Rules

One way of organizing your surveys is by creating rules for incoming emails. This means all of your incoming survey invitations automatically get sent to a separate folder within your email client so you can view all your surveys at once.

If you use Outlook to organize your email accounts you can create a set of rules that says all emails from (for example) go into a folder that you’ve already named “online surveys”. In the future, all emails from that company (plus others you add to the rule) will all neatly show up in the same folder. You can do the same thing with other email programs as well, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail (they use ‘labels’ instead of ‘folders’). If you have a Mac, you can create a new mailbox (instead of a ‘folder’) and set the same rules.

Once you’ve added all the online survey companies you have registered with to your email rules, keeping your surveys organized will be much simpler. A bonus to this system is if you like to complete your surveys at work, having a separate folder for them gives you some more privacy – if your boss sees you they’ll think you’re just checking your email!

New Email Address Option

Another way to organize your surveys is to open a new email account specifically for answering surveys. So if you already use Hotmail, try opening a free account with Gmail or Yahoo. Now when you sign in to your new account, every one of the emails in your inbox will be survey related so none of your invitations will get lost. Some people prefer this way of organizing so they can keep their survey emails completely separate from their work and/or personal accounts.

Completed Surveys

Whichever option you choose, it can also help to have a folder named “completed surveys”. That way you can keep track of all your rewards from different survey companies in one place. Having a record of your completed surveys is handy as well to keep track of how many rewards you’ve earned instead of always having to log in to your survey companies website and checking your account.

Of course you can always develop your own system for keeping your survey emails organized, but these are some tips that some current survey takers use. The important thing is to find what works best for you to keep you earning rewards & sharing your opinions!

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