New! Ethnic Voice Accord

Giving New Canadians a Voice

welcome to CanadaAre you an immigrant to Canada? Or are you the son or daughter of an immigrant? If so, you may qualify to join the Ethnic Voice Accord, a special online survey panel aimed at giving ethnic Canadians a voice.

It is free to join and benefits of becoming a member include:

  Get paid for each and every survey you complete
  Get $2.00 automatically deposited into your account after joining
  Get paid quickly by cheque
  Take surveys on issues that matter to you and your community

Join 15,000 other immigrants to Canada who are already part of this great survey panel.

ethnic voice accord


BONUS: if you do not feel comfortable taking surveys in English, you may choose to take surveys in Hindi or Chinese instead.

If you’d like to find out more about Ethnic Voice Accord before joining, please click here.

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