More Product Testing Opportunities

It’s your lucky day!

product testerMany of you ask us if we know of any in home product tests that you can take part in. Although we were able to provide some guidance in this area, we’ve done our research and have discovered new product testing oportunities availble for Canadians!

Why are you recommendating survey companies?
This is a common question. Because market research companies typically first conduct online surveys on behalf of a client looking to conduct a product test, these same companies are the ones who eventually administer the product test themselves. An online survey is conducted regarding the new (or existing) product, and from this typically a small group of individuals are selected to complete a product test and provide their direct feedback on the product.

How can I find out more information?
You can find out all you need to know about becoming a product tester by reading our updated Product Testing article.

Just tell me who offers product testing!
Sure thing. The following market research companies offer product testing opportunities:

Have fun with these!

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