Handheld Scanner Based Research

A Different Way to Influence the Marketplace

For survey takers looking for something a little bit different to try, the Nielsen Homescan program offers a unique opportunity.

Scan Your Purchases With a Free Handheld Scanner

homescan researchUsers are mailed a free handheld laser scanner which is used to read the UPC codes (or barcodes) on purchased products. Everything from food to magazines to electronics and even small appliances can all be scanned. It even works with non-UPC-coded random weight perishable products, or “bulk bin” items.

To use the device, users simply connect it to a telephone line or internet connection where it then automatically forwards any scanning data for the day to Nielsen. It sits in a docking cradle which is also plugged in so that it’s ready and charged for the next time you use it. The data is aggregated with other participant’s data so that users remain anonymous to product manufacturers and retailers.


Benefits of Participating

In exchange for participating in the program, you can earn points for each purchase you scan and you can use your points towards a great selection of items available in the gift catalogue. Items include electronics, toys, household items, jewelry and more.

Members are also eligible to win monthly cash sweepstakes just for being an active member. As an added bonus, members are periodically sent free gifts, simply as a “thank-you” for their participation.

Once a user successfully registers for the program, they will be sent the scanner for free to their residence, along with information on how to use it. A pre-paid envelope/box will also be included in the package so that the scanner may be returned to Nielsen without charge to the member, in the event that they no longer wish to participate in the program.


Membership Details for Canadians

Over 12,000 Canadian households (or 30,000 individuals) participate in the project on an ongoing basis. By collecting information on a continuous basis, it becomes possible to measure changes and interactions of purchasing behaviours across all types of products and perishable food items. This provides marketers with information on the advertising audience as well as on sales of a product.

Membership to the panel is limited as it is demographically and geographically balanced to represent the household population of Canada. Purchasing behaviour is grossed up to represent that of all households in a region. So if your membership to the panel is not accepted it is because enough members from your region and demographic are already participating.

Additional Information on Nielsen and Homescan

Homescan Consumer Panel is now one of the premier consumer purchasing panels in the world. It has proven its success through its patented handheld laser scanning devices and relaying the information to marketers. ACNielsen Worldwide Consumer Panel Services, now offers services in over 25 different countries and provides consumer purchasing information on over 260,000 households globally.

This program provides valuable insight for manufacturers and retailers into consumer buying behaviour. It not only allows them to understand the consumers who purchase certain types of products or brands, but also identifies where they do their shopping. Through this source of market intelligence, companies can gain a better competitive advantage and participants can earn bonuses and rewards for making purchases they make normally.


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