Gift Cards for Surveys

Some survey companies offer their members gift cards in exchange for taking online surveys. Gift cards are usually for very well known retailers and are usually sent in electronic format so that members may redeem them online. Occasionally they are sent through the mail, though this is becoming the less preferred way of sending gift cards.

Gift cards are typically redeemed for a certain number of points that a member must accumulate before “cashing out”. This total varies per survey company and point values also vary.

Getting online gift cards for taking surveys is more rewarding to consumers than most people think. Most survey takers are after making cash for the surveys they take yet they often use their cash to purchase things in retail stores. Obtaining gift cards instead of cash for the surveys they take enable them to essentially do this same thing and can often be more convenient as well. A user simply enters in their gift card voucher number during the online checkout process at an online store, and the gift card amount is subtracted from their total. This can be an easier process than getting a cheque, cashing the cheque, then using a credit card online.

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