Different Types of Survey Rewards

rewardsFor those interested in completing online surveys, the only reward they may be seeking is the knowledge that their opinion is making a difference. There are also other rewards available for those who wish for further compensation of their time.

Rewards come in various types including sweepstakes entries, gift certificates, and even donations to a favourite charity, which is in itself rewarding. The types and amounts change with each survey company, so it’s beneficial to research the rewards section on the website before starting the registration process.

Generally points are awarded to the panelist for each completed survey instead of dollar amounts. These points accumulate over time in the survey-taker’s account and when a minimum balance is reached then they can be redeemed for the panelist’s choice of reward.

Cash Rewards

Most people think of cash when contemplating taking surveys for rewards. Cash is the main reason companies “pay-out” in points rather than issuing dollar amounts for completed surveys. Since people around the world are taking the same surveys for rewards, it’s important they are all paid equally. With exchange rates constantly changing, it makes sense to issue the same amount of points to each panelist, which they can then redeem for cash in their own currency.

The most popular payment method today is increasingly via PayPal. This is beneficial to the payee as the money arrives much sooner then a cheque through the mail, and the only information they need to give the company making the payment is their email address. For those concerned about online security this is a nice bonus.

Some companies do still issue cheques to their panelists. This is also a secure payment method, as all the personal information that is needed is a mailing address to send the actual cheque to.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Gift cards are also popular choices, as the panelist can still choose the actual reward they purchase with their certificate. These can be mailed out by post or sent electronically for online shopping. Some of the common choices seen on survey websites for gift cards are Amazon and iTunes, along with local restaurants and bookstores.

Some companies are also giving panelists the option of turning their reward points into collector points, such as Airmiles. A gift certificate with a code is sent to the person redeeming for this option that will deposit a specific number of miles into their personal account. For those who prefer online gaming to travel, Facebook credits are sometimes also available for purchase, along with gift certificate codes that award points for different online gaming sites.

Donating to charity is another choice. Charities range from Red Cross International to those closer to home. For those who wish to help others but feel pressed for cash this is a great choice.

Sweepstakes Entries and Prize Draws

Occasionally a market research company will offer up a big-ticket item through a prize draw. This is usually a high-value prize, or even a big cash payout. Entries are often awarded as bonus offers, such as when signing up or successfully referring a friend to the panel. Also, some survey companies will distribute entries as an appreciation to those who attempt to fill out a survey but get screened out due to factors like enough people from a similar demographic already completing the same survey, or not meeting the specific criteria of the survey topic, such as needing feedback from someone who drinks alcoholic beverages.

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